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The Hollow Forest is a bonus dungeon available only in Persona 4 Golden. This guide will help players understand what they need to do to unlock it. Persona 4 Golden has made its debut on Steam, bringing in a new generation of Persona fans that have never played the original Unlocking Marie's Dungeon (Hollow Forest) in Persona 4 Golden Marie's social link becomes available to you once you've cleared Yukiko's castle, and you'll be able to level it up like any other..

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  1. For Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message board topic titled How tough is the Hollow Forest? *spoilers*
  2. For Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Is there a way out of Hollow Forest?
  3. For Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Whats the final day to do the Hollow Forest? *spoilers*

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Marie is a character who originates from Persona 4 Golden. Along with Margaret, she is one of Igor 's assistants in the Velvet Room Hello everyone and welcome to my commentated walkthrough/ let's play of Persona 4 Golden for the Sony Playstation Vita and today, in our effort to rescue Mar.. Like, Comment and Subscribe! Enjoy! ----- Channel Membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFVEr9by15m28.. P4 Golden Walkthrough on Playstation TV 60fpsThis Ps Vita classic is one of the best games ever made and this upgraded version of the PS2 original just makes.. This is the Abridged Walkthrough for Persona 4 Golden. If you're playing the original Persona 4, you may notice some discrepancies. The guide will hel

Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough - The Hollow Forest Parting-Grief [Part 96] Ren and his friends take on the Hollow Forest. This dungeon is unlike any other. They are stripped of all of their items,.. My favorite song from Persona 4. An hour long for your enjoyment Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough - The Hollow Forest Anger-Invitation [Part 97] On the Memories of Anger level the team takes on Heaven's Giant, a towering boss resistant to all elemental and physical.. Hollow Forest (Golden) Next. N/A. Yomotsu Hirasaka is a location in the series. Contents. 1 History; 2 Appearances; 3 Profile. 3.1 Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse; 3.2 Persona 4; 3.3 Persona 4: Dancing All Night; 4 Treasure. 4.1 Persona 4. 4.1.1 Locked chests; 4.1.2 Normal chests; 5 Shuffle Time Personas. 5.1 Persona 4; 6 Shadows; 7 Bosses. 7.1 Persona 4; 8 Gallery; 9 Trivia; History [edit.

Hollow Forest - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Golden Wiki

For Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message board topic titled selling all my stuff before Hollow Forest? Event music from the Hollow Forest dungeon A Persona 4 Golden (PC) (P4G) Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by ShrineFox Keep Inventory in Hollow Forest [Persona 4 Golden (PC)] [Mods] [] Signup Login Mod Stream Persona 4 Golden - Hollow Forest (Extended) by Akira from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. Persona 4 Golden - Hollow Forest (Extended) by Akira published on 2019-11-08T02:17:00Z. Comment by Lewis. @beeslmao agreed. I like it asethically but the SP nerfs and shadows are really stupid..

Persona 4 Golden; Hollow Forest and Kusumi-no-Okami? User Info: GalacticPhoenix. GalacticPhoenix 5 years ago #1. I'm level 90 right now, and I just got to February 13th in game. Kinda scared of this place. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to beat Kusumi-no-Okami? Specifically on what persona I should use? I've kind of just been using Phoenix and Tam Lin up til this point and I'm not. Let's Play Persona 4: Golden by Really Pants - Part 125: February 12 Part 3 - February 13 Part 1: The Hollow Forest Persona 4 Golden. Gorgeous King is a mini boss in Floor 4 - Memories of Sorrow in the Hollow Forest. It has two turns in battle, in which it may summon two Shadows into battle and use status attacks on the party. After gaining enough SP from using Spirit Drain, it will continue to cast Megidolaon and Mind Charge for the remainder of the battle

Persona 4 Golden Cheat Table. A cheat table for the PC version of Persona 4 Golden.. WARNING: Generally untested, use at your own risk. Prerequisites. Cheat Engine; Persona 4 Golden on Steam; Installation. Download and install Cheat Engine (or use the portable version) Stream Persona 4 Golden OST- Girl Of The Hollow Forest by THEY00 from desktop or your mobile devic

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  1. Epilogue: Another exclusive to Persona 4: Golden, the epilogue is additional story that takes place after the true ending. To unlock this (and you really should, it's great) you need to complete both the Hollow Forrest and achieve the True Ending. You don't however have to fight the super secret boss, which is handy as it means you can do this on your first playthrough. So here's what.
  2. Persona 4 Golden, also known as Persona 4: The Golden in Japan, is an enhanced port of PlayStation 2's Persona 4 that released for the PlayStation Vita and later Microsoft Windows. The Vita version is compatible with PlayStation TV. The port adds a variety of new content and convenience features to update the original game. Golden was adapted into an anime, Persona 4 The Golden Animation. On.
  3. Is this true and have I been locked out of Hollow Forest because I didn't do so? 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the persona4golden community. 1.2k. Posted by 1 day ago. 3 [OC]Yukiko and her peculiar.
  4. Ren and his friends take on the Hollow Forest. This dungeon is unlike any other. They are stripped of all of their items, and after every battle they are drained of half of their SP. Carefully managing resources is key to progress here. Some floors have no visible enemies, and instead randomly start battles when Ren opens a door. There are items scattered throughout the dungeon that will let.
  5. The Hollow Forest does a great job showcasing the conflicting emotions and feelings Marie has to deal with. The graves and sp drain showing her resolve to die and attempting to push you away, yet all the scenery from the key places seen in her social link show the places she wants to see again. I'll go even further and state that I feel Marie's Social Link showed that she had gotten attached.
  6. Any way to skip to Hollow Forest with p4g save tool. Close. 1. Posted by 2 days ago. Any way to skip to Hollow Forest with p4g save tool . I recently finished playing p4g but like an idiot I forgot to max out Marie's social link. So I ended up getting the good ending. Is there any way I could use the the p4g save tool to skip to the hollow Forest to do that and get the true ending and the.

Welcome to the Persona 4: Golden 2020 PC Walkthrough! While the game has been out for a while on the PS Vita, it has recently been released on PC in 2020 and this guide will help you with day by. Persona 4 Golden is the 2014 rerelease of the classic PlayStation 2 JRPG. Persona 4 Golden is now available on both PlayStation Vita as well as PC via Steam. The upgrade from the PS2 version of Persona 4 to the PS Vita Persona 4 Golden didn't just come with some texture updates and a new platform. Through almost every aspect of the game, there have been tweaks and additions Kusumi-no-Okami (クスミノオオカミ, Kusumi no Ookami)? is a major character in Persona 4 Golden. 1 History 2 Appearances 3 Profile 3.1 Persona 4 Golden 3.1.1 The Golden Animation 4 Stats 4.1 Persona 4 Golden 5 Strategy 6 Gallery Kusumi-no-Okami is probably based on the male Japanese god Kusubi, who is more formally known as Kumano-Kusubi (熊野久須毘命) in Kojiki and Kumano-Kusuhi. Persona 4 Golden Quests guide: side quest walkthroughs for every mission. Side Quests in Persona 4 Golden take on different forms, but there's generally a few different templates. Some will ask. Persona 4 Golden. Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 14, 2012 PlayStation Vita; PlayStation Network (Vita) PC Even Hollow Forest is a chore, since she's basically self-sustaining in terms of SP. Do more enemies in the true ending dungeon have dark/light resistances, or is the rest of the game (last boss maybe notwithstanding) going to be a breeze? 8 years ago. Petiew. Follow 1465.

Persona 4 Golden. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Persona 4 Golden > Guides > HayateButler's Guides. 137 ratings. Acquiring Skill Cards Guide. By HayateButler. This guide provides an overview of skill cards in Persona 4 Golden, explains where you can get them, and how to acquire each available skill card (Shuffle Time or Chagall Cafe). Skill cards are. Persona 4 Golden features a mini-game called the 'Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz' which is a quiz show available in the Persona 4 Golden Hollow Forest Walkthrough. By Saad Rajpoot Jun 16. This is a guide to all bosses fight (how to beat them) in Persona 4 Golden: Yosuke's Shadow; Chie's Shadow; Avenger Knight; Yukiko's Shadow; Contrarian King; Daring Gigas; Shadow Kanji; Intolerant Officer; Amorous Snake; Rise's Shadow; Shadow Teddie; Momentary Child; All Bosses Fight Guide How to Beat Them? Yosuke's Shadow. Just spam Zio on him; choose guard when he guards. If he us Bonus Dungeon: Hollow Forest. There exists a challenging, limited time bonus dungeon in Persona 4 Golden which can be accessed by maxing out the Aeon Social Link before the end of December, then asking Margaret to search for Marie and keep you informed throughout the month of January regardless of any danger involved How to Unlock The Hollow Forest in Persona 4 Golden. The Hollow Forest is a new location in Persona 4 Golden. This guide will help players learn what it takes to unlock the Hollow Forest Dungeon. Sky Flores Jul 15, 2020. Persona 4 Golden: How to Unlock The Secret Suzaku Feather For Yukiko. The Secret Suzaku Feather For Yukiko is a special item. This guide will help Persona 4 Golden players.

Persona 4 Golden is easily the most popular game in Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei series, and it features multiple endings you can get in a single playthrough. It's easy enough to get the regular. >playing through Persona 4 Golden's Hollow Forest on PC, objectively the worst dungeon in the game >whole time I'm thinking about how much I don't want to be there, not difficult just time-consuming >eventually reach the top floor, can't leave to save my progress because I don't have any fucking branches >beat the boss, chilling during the cutscene only for the game to fucking crash for the. Persona 4 Golden end game questions (Spoilers!!!!) I'm currently on track to get the golden ending as Im about a month away from the Hollow Forest and then I'm assuming after that the True Ending dungeon/boss Finally, go to Junes Food Court, and your true ending will be unlocked. Hollow Forest is a unique secret dungeon associated with Marie that you can also unlock along with the true ending. This option is only available with the 'Golden' version of Persona 4 and can be unlocked by simply maxing out Marie's Social Link relationship Keep Inventory in Hollow Forest P4G mod by ShrineFox: 1/28/2021: Prevents the game from removing your inventory and equips when entering the Hollow Forest dungeon, so you can still use all your regular costumes, items, armor etc. Update 1/28/2021: Fixed bug where you lose your inventory after dungeon is completed Update 11/23/2020: - Added version that removes all items except costumes, giving.

Persona 4 Golden adds two new Social Links to the game; The TV turns out to be a portal to the Hollow Forest, where Marie has fled to. With the Hollow Forest on the verge of collapsing, the Investigation Team rushes to save her; if they fail to do so, Marie disappears from their memories. They find Marie, who reveals that she is Kusumi-no-Okami, created to act as a spy for Ameno-sagiri in. Getting the True Ending in Persona 4 Golden involves a whole lot more work, but the guide below is here to lead you through the tangled web. And don't worry. Ours is a Persona 4 Golden true ending guide with no spoilers.. Persona 4 Golden True Ending Requirements Understanding Persona 4 Golden's Endings. The first thing to do is clarify what Persona 4 ending you want to get Day by Day walkthrough of February in Persona 4 Golden PC 2020. February 4th. You can talk to Yukiko to study together today. Teddie is available for a scooter ride today

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If solving a murder isn't enough, Persona 4 Golden has you dealing with school. Here's all the class questions and answers, plus the same for exams, to make your life a little easier Affected characters are unable to attack for a turn. A Downed character has a 50% chance of becoming Dizzy when hit by a normal attack, and 100% chance when hit by a critical hit or an attack the character is weak against Persona 4 Golden. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Persona 4 Golden > Guides > HayateButler's Guides. 195 ratings. All Possible Endings Guide. By HayateButler. Details all the different steps you need to take to see all of the 7 different endings (some are variations of the same ending, with some changes to reflect the different actions taken) 18. 1. Faceboo

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Day by Day walkthrough of December in Persona 4 Golden PC 2020. December 23rd. You will get a text from the girls you are in a romantic relationship with to meet up during Christmas Eve Persona 4 golden cheat table prerequisites installation usage table contents cheats party stats globals time slinks item info compendium card flags enepedia trophy counters hollow forest player name enemies. Econtrarás las mejores categorías de juegos para descargar por torrent, entre ellas: Golden pc torrents for free, downloads via magnet also available in listed torrents detail page. Persona 4: Golden March. March 19th. You will pack your bags today in preparation for your departure. March 20th. This is the day before you leave. You will have one final opportunity to speak to. Related: Persona 4 Golden: How To Get Best (& True) Ending The Persona franchise is a spin-off of its older series, Shin Megami Tensai. The Persona series holds both JRPG combat and exploration in one hand while maintaining a life simulator in the other.Currently, rumors have been going around of a potential Steam port of Persona 4 Golden, marking it as the first port outside of the PS Vita Persona 4 golden guide pdf Persona 4 Golden, as a JRPG where the player has limited time to complete all of the different side objectives, can be daunting to go into. Even if there's something you miss partway through the game, depending on how tightly packed your schedule, is you might not be able to get everything. This guide will go over some of the basic tips you should know before diving.

Persona 4 Golden would benefit from being brought over to the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. More: How to Unlock The Hollow Forest in Persona 4 Golden. Persona 4 Golden is available now on PC and PS Vita You need to have MAX Rank Aeon Social Link before December 24, and rescue Marie on February 13 from the Hollow Forest dungeon. Outcome. Same thing as True Ending outcome, with an additional epilogue cutscene. You May Also Like: Persona 4 Golden - True Ending Guide (No Spoilers) Persona 4 Golden - How to Beat Heaven's Boss (Easy Way PERSONA 4: GOLDEN (PSV) The Persona 4: Golden Game Guide is for PS Vita version. Please take note that this is not an official nor professional game guide. This is purely a personal guide for my record as I am sick of all the video ads pop up on various game site so I tried to create my own guide for my future play through Persona 4: The Golden Animation is a 2014 anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures based on Atlus' Persona 4 video game. The series serves as an expansion of AIC ASTA's 2011 adaptation, Persona 4: The Animation, featuring new scenarios adapted from the game's 2012 PlayStation Vita port, Persona 4 Golden.Building on the adventures of Yu Narukami, a teenage boy who discovers a distorted. Persona 4 Golden has an extra dungeon, the ability to fast forward cutscenes, an easier grind thanks to Gold Hands, a completely reworked exp system, and bosses have slight differences between versions. We also max an extra social link to unlock a dungeon, don't max Yosuke's social link and a few other slight differences. Basically, the run is slightly easier, with more content and shorter.

www.instagram.co Persona 4 Golden possui 7 finais diferentes, porém, apenas um deles é o verdadeiro (True Ending).Para conseguir este final você deve realizar uma série de escolhas no game, mas somente à. This Persona 4 Golden Skill Cards Guide will explain what skill cards are received during Shuffle Time for each skill card rank. If you're playing Persona 4 Golden, now available on Steam, you're probably familiar with the Shuffle Time mechanic.One of the cards that's available throughout the game during Shuffle Time is the option to obtain a skill card Hollow Forest achievement in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: You successfully carried out Marie's Instant Kill in Arcade or Network Mode - worth 10 Gamerscor Persona 4 Golden Velvet Room Social Links Empress. Character: Margaret. Begin Requirements: Lv 3 Knowledge . Rank Requirements: Rank 1: Speak with Margaret in the Velvet Room after 5/19 Rank 2: Must be level 17 and fuse an Ippon-datara with Sukukaja Rank 3: Must be level 24 and fuse a Matador with Mahama Rank 4: Must be level 31 and fuse a Gdon with Rampage Rank 5: Must be level 32 and post 7.

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  1. Persona 4: Golden by Really Pants ‹ Part #126 Part #128 › Return to LP Index. Part 127: February 14: It's the Thought that Counts > February 14th...Today is Valentine's Day. You received 1 text message... > You decided to spend the afternoon with Rise.-Heartbeat, Heartbreak-Things were tough yesterday. I never thought I'd get zapped by lightning in real life...Thanks to that shock, or.
  2. Persona 4 Golden is available right now on Steam and even though it's already a hit, many fans got stuck in crashes, errors and performance issues.. Many might say that Denuvo is at fault for it.
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Persona4 The GOLDEN Original Soundtrack. 「ペルソナ4 ザ・ゴールデン」オリジナル・サウンドトラック. Persona 4 Golden Original Soundtrack. Catalog Number. SVWC-7859. Barcode. 4534530056306. Release Date. Jun 27, 2012 persona-4-golden. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Sep 14 '19 at 23:16. Fredy31 Fredy31. 34k 78 78 gold badges 219 219 silver badges 398 398 bronze badges. 1. I'm not sure of all the differences but one main one which you note is that there is a new Character who comes with their own Social Link and Dungeon, the plot is mostly the same from my understanding except with the added bits. Page 1/4 (55 results) 1 2. How to Submit P5 tool by TGE, ShrineFox, DeathChaos GFDStudio 4/6/2021 (updated) Keep Inventory in Hollow Forest 1/28/2021 (updated) P5R guide by ShrineFox Modding Persona 5 Royal on PS4 FW 5.05, 6.72 & 7.02 1/11/2021. P3FES tool by TGE, ShrineFox, lipsum Mod Compendium 1/11/2021 (updated) P5R mod by ShrineFox, TGE, CaptainSwag101, RayFireFist Persona 5 Royal Mod.

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9,948. Just bought Persona 4 Golden for $10. It will be my first JRPG in over 10 years. » Poll. SpaceInsomniac. Nov 29, 2015. MeierTheRed. 4 years ago ». 33 Persona 4 Golden Guide PDF Strategy Book. This is short guide for Persona 4 Golden - You can get Full Complete Guide at the link we provide inside this pre walkthrough. This Pre Guide will draw a few detail of Persona 4 Golden Gameplay, New Features, and Complete Dungeon List, Social Links, Skill Card, and Much More You will get in detail.

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4) During the ski trip in February, you will gain access to the dungeon should everything else be met. This will be the make-or-break point, as the ski trip takes about two days (if I remember correctly). Should you and your romantic partner end up taking refuge in a cabin, this will be the trigger event for the Hollow Forest Persona 4 Golden New Game Plus -- The Continuing Adventures of William Rikeru - 2/13/2015 - The Hollow Forest » Blog.

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  1. Read about Maiden of the Empty Forest by Persona 4 Golden and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists
  2. Let's Play Persona 4 by Feinne - Part 103: 3/20/12 Part 2 . The Let's Play Archive Persona 4 by Feinne ‹ Part #102 Part #104 › Return to LP Index. Part 103: 3/20/12 Part 2 3/20/12 The food court was empty when I first arrived. VIDEO- The Letter Click Here for Video! > This is where you had spent so many afternoons going over the case with everyone > Just sitting here brings back a lot.
  3. Das Rollenspiel Persona 4 Golden ist ab sofort bei Steam erhältlich. Das Spiel könnt ihr euch für 19,99 Euro holen. Für 24,99 Euro wird eine Digital Deluxe Edition angeboten. Diese bietet neben dem Spiel auch ein digitales Artbook und den digitalen Soundtrack
  4. Part 106: December 14 - December 16: Crushing the Hopes of Japanese Neckbeards. -The Path is Open-. A rough version of Rise Kujikawa's finalized design. Since Rise is an idol who has tasted both the bitter and the sweet, she was designed as a girl who could express both. The finalized design for Himiko, Rise Kujikawa's Persona
  5. ate factor. SBO (Spoilers Below, Obviously) The Bad Ending: This is the ending where the Investigation Team murder Namatame to avenge Nanako's death or fail to uncover Adachi as.
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In November 2012, Atlus released Persona 4: Golden, a special edition for the PlayStation Vita with bonus content and a host of much-needed technical improvements such as motor scooters, gardening, and ski trips. It is a pretty adorable game, in that cornball family-sitcom sort of way, and I am comfortable recommending it to a JRPG fan or just a person in general Persona 4 Golden cheat engine table v1.0, various cheats available, fully hack Persona 4 Golden. Make Persona 4 Golden easier and more interesting gameplay. Click here to get it Persona 4 Golden PC Social Link Guide: Jester (Tohru Adachi) *Values highlighted in red are optimal choices. * All values are with a Persona of the same Arcana in your possession Es ist Frühling, als Yu Narukami in dieser friedlichen Stadt ankommt. Er wird auf die lokale Schule, die Yasogami Oberschule, gehen. Sein neues Leben beginnt mit einer Mordserie und einem. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (abbreviated as P4) is a Japanese role-playing video game developed and published by Atlus for Sony's PlayStation 2, and chronologically the fifth installment in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series.The player-named main protagonist is a high-school student who moved into the countryside from the city for a year

Persona 4 Golden erscheint im nächsten Jahr 8 Jahre, 6 Monate. PS Vita knackt 1 Million Verkäufe 8 Jahre, 10 Monate. Persona 4: The Golden bricht Verkaufsrekorde in Japan 9 Jahre, 4 Monate. Persona 4 Golden: The Animation. From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games. Jump to: navigation, search. Persona 4 Golden: The Animation (2014) The following weapons were used in the anime series Persona 4 Golden: The Animation: Contents. 1 Revolvers. 1.1 Nambu Model 60; 1.2 Smith & Wesson Model 60; 2 Grenade Launchers. 2.1 Hawk MM1; 3 See Also; Revolvers Nambu. Persona 4 Golden. kaufen. 14,99 €. Produktbeschreibung. Inaba - ein ruhiges Städtchen im ländlichen Japan ist in Persona 4 Golden die Kulisse für eine Geschichte übers Erwachsenwerden. Diese schickt den Protagonisten und seine Freunde auf eine Reise, die von einer Reihe von Serienmorden angestoßen wird. Triff Gleichgesinnte, erforsche.

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A ReShade Preset for Persona 4: Golden made to look like a retro camera filter. View mod page; View image gallery; Fool Messiah (Music Mod) Miscellaneous. Uploaded: 16 Jul 2020 . Last Update: 22 Jan 2021. Author: Me. Uploader: CbBara. I decided to change some bgm of the game . 498.7MB ; 11-- Fool Messiah (Music Mod) Miscellaneous. Uploaded: 16 Jul 2020 . Last Update: 22 Jan 2021. Author. Marie, the new major character introduced in Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita), will be making her way into the PS3 and X360 versions of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax as a post-launch DLC, the latest issue of.

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Persona 4 Golden (Steam) (DrummerIX) Post by DrummerIX » Sun Jun 14, 2020 1:26 pm. I attempted to fix Infinite Item Usage in EDIT 2.0. Will work on other things later today. Top. omninodachi Cheater Posts: 26 Joined: Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:22 am Reputation: 10. Persona 4 Golden (Steam) (DrummerIX) Post by omninodachi » Sun Jun 14, 2020 3:19 pm. I was just made aware this game was ported 2 hours. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. PS3. Trophies; Leaderboard; Forum; 145,555 Trophies Earned; 13,335 Players Tracked; 61 Total Trophies; 5,614 Obtainable EXP; 1,545 Points 482 Platinum Club; 234 100% Club; Hollow Forest. You successfully carried out Marie's Instant Kill in Arcade or Network Mode. 9.60% Very Rare - 66.4 EXP. You have not earned this achievement yet. Log in to view progress. First.

Persona 4 Golden Athletes / Strength Social Link Guide. This page differs from our other social link guides for Persona 4 Golden in that it's split in two. One half covers the Daisuke social. Tipps und Cheats zu Persona 4 Golden . Zu Persona 4 - The Golden befinden sich im Moment noch keine Beiträge in unserer Datenbank. Wenn du Tipps, Tricks oder Cheats zu diesem Spiel auf Lager hast.

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  1. With the release of Persona 4 Golden on Steam, there has been a resurgence of gamers playing through the game. While it is a challenge to complete the social links all on the first playthrough of.
  2. Time to Make History from Persona 4 The Golden is excellent. Two more songs from Golden are Memories, Marie's dungeon theme, and Snowflakes, the town theme for the new winter months with everything calmed down and the mystery (mostly) solved. Marie's Leitmotif, Girl of the Hollow Forest, is both melancholy and deeply beautiful and emotional
  3. Schmädig, 01.03.2013. Einseiter 1 2 3 Fazit Pro & Kontra So testet 4 Players. 1
  4. Ni No Kuni 2 - Roland's Journals Location. Log No. 1 - Cloudcoil Canyon, Sidewinder Gorge - First narrow path. Log No. 2 - Cloudcoil Canyon, Bellywriggle Bluff - Turn right after the save point go to the end next to a prop-leafed clover. Log No. 3 - Wyverns' Den - Before savepoint
  5. Can you help Persona 4 Golden players? More Cheats and Tips for Persona 4 Golden If you need more help with this game, then check out the following pages which are our most popular hints and cheats for this game: Unlock Ultimate Personas. Fight Margaret. Unlock Secret Weapons. Margaret's Rewards. Unlock Ultimate Weapons. Unlock New Game + Secret Midnight Channel. Unlock Hollow Forest Bonus.
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JRPG-Fans feiern die Bestätigung der PC-Version von Persona 4 Golden (Abbildung ähnlich). Update vom 13. Juni: Persona 4 Golden ist auf Steam erschienen. Der Leak bestätigt sich somit A site to help guide you through the Persona 4 Golden gam

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Das Rollenspiel Persona 4 Golden (Wertung im Test: 9.0) war bislang nur auf Sonys Handheld Playstation Vita spielbar. Nachdem sich die Anzeichen in den letzten Tagen verdichteten, dass der Titel auch für den PC erscheinen wird - Atlus kündigte zum Beispiel bei Twitter eine aufregende Neuigkeit für die am 13. Juni stattfindende PC Gaming Show an -, ist es nun offiziell: Persona 4 Golden. Trophies in Persona 4 Golden. Home; Social Links; Calender; Everything Else; Personas & Skills ; About Clear the Hollow Forest to unlock the trophy. The Truth In Your Hands. Defeat Izanami . I n order to gain access to the dungeon, you first need to do the following: 3/20. You must talk to all the Social Links that you have managed to max out. You should return to your house to prepare for. Persona 4 Golden ist - genauso wie auch der von mir gespielte Nachfolger - ein Mammutprojekt, dessen volles Potential sich erst nach mindestens 80 Stunden so richtig entfaltet. Gerade der fünfte Teil zieht in Punkto Story und Herausforderung auf den letzten Metern (also den letzten 20 von 110 Spielstunden) noch einmal ordentlich an. Wer früher KO geht, ist da schon selber schuld. Wenn.

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